Houdini Straight Jacket

Houdini straitjacket captures $46,980 at Christie’s

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Harry Houdini – Straight Jacket Escape

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Escapologist Timothy Dill-Russell, adviser to the musical ‘Man of Magic’ about

Harry Houdini the first celebrity, his amazing stunts and legacy on magic. From his early career, to acting and finally as Harry Houdini The Debunker.

Harry Houdini Straightjacket

Houdini straight jacket escape

Houdini in Strait Jacket

True or not, escaping from a straight jacket was a great idea and one Houdini profited from both financially and through publicity.

Houdini in Suspended Strait Jacket Escape – 5

Harry Houdini Straight Jacket

Harry Houdini – Straight Jacket Escape

Strait Jacket Escape

Harry Houdini escapes-from-a-straight-jacket-in-a-

… 1024 in Houdini Collection with Sid Radner. #KenMurrayMagic #Houdini # StraightJacket #HarryHoudini #KenMurray


Houdini – Straightjacket Escape

Houdini escaped after being strapped in a straitjacket, sealed in a casket, and then buried in a large tank filled with sand.\”

This is the way the magician should see that the jacket is put on provided he uses a regulation jacket. There are other kinds, specially made ones, …

A daring feat performed 15 stories above the earth suspended from a burning rope, without a net, after being put in by police and security guards.

Historic Auto Museum: Houdini Straight Jacket


harry houdini doing his straight jacket trick



Whether hung upside down in a straight-jacket, handcuffed and crammed into an airtight milk …


Magician Criss Angel flails about as he frees himself from a straight jacket as part of