Mental Patient Straight Jacket

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Harvey Wilkes (William Shatner) an escaped mental patient forces two amateur filmmakers to shoot his script. Movie web site.

A patient in a straight jacket at a hospital for the mentally ill, circa 1946

Original Picture

Olivia de Havilland (in straight jacket) in The Snake Pit (1948) …

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Mentally insane patient in a straight jacket: Misconceived notion of the mentally ill

This is a image of a patient with Schizophrenia in a strait jacket, to keep himself from hurting himself or others.

DARK MATTERS female mental patient in straitjacket

demonstration of strait jacket

Stock Video Clip of Psycho long haired man in straitjacket have | Shutterstock

Tupac in a strait jacket

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Crazy with a straitjacket in a Psychiatric – stock photo

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For the past year, a group of patients confined to Bellevue Hospital’s psychiatric

young depressed woman in a straight jacket

The Antipsychotic drugs were called “chemical straitjackets”. The Chemical Straightjacket

old picture of mental patient in straight jacket

Picture of Mental Patient

Donald Trump belongs in a straight jacket

Mental patient with straightjacket

Straight jacket


Patient in mental hospital wearing a restraining garment. * This is unbelievably terrible.

Black straight jacket and some face paint